During the next few weeks, all parishioners of St. Lawrence Martyr will be asked to participate in a parish-wide Planning Study. The purpose of the study is to determine the scope and dimensions of a potential “completion” campaign to restore and renovate our Church.  A pledge campaign is being considered by parish leaders and volunteers to help provide the necessary funds to address a variety of long overdue repair and restoration projects.

Because of the magnitude of this challenge, we have retained Changing Our World, a nationally known consulting firm, to conduct a comprehensive planning study for us.

This study includes personal interviews with a cross-section of parishioners and an online survey.  Materials will also be made available at our Masses. All parishioners will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding our proposed projects. The questionnaires and an information sheet which details the projects and their projected costs will be shared with all parishioners.

The information you provide will be anonymous and all comments and quotes will be held in the strictest of confidence. Your involvement in this effort will help us ascertain the best course of action to take for St. Lawrence Martyr.  Our goal is to complete the study during the next two weeks with the hope of beginning the campaign soon after. However, before this can happen we will need the full support of all families and individuals who call St. Lawrence Martyr there spiritual home. At the conclusion of the study, we will be sure to share our findings with the entire parish.

The online link for the survey is now closed.  If you would still like to have your voice be heard, please come to the parish office and pick up a questionnaire,  or print this at home and return to the office.  Questionnaire is here.


Update of the results will be published soon.

Thank you for your participation in this very important parish endeavor.



The following is the list of priorities, in order of importance:

Altar – The steps need to be brought up to code
Altar – Will be lowered two steps (14”) and brought closer to the worshippers.
Ramp and rails – All ramps and rails at altar will meet ADA guidelines. Additional rails will be added to the choir loft  in order to meet code requirements.
Installation of air flow
Pews refinished – Pews were originally built in 1965 and a remodel completed in 2000.  Pews will be refinished and  upholstery “backs” will be removed in order to provide maximum seating comfort.
New interior paint, plus repair of walls and ceilings due to water damage.
Art installation behind altar “Wall of Saints”