Ministry of Faith and Sharing

CSJ Associates

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet invite women and men to join as companions on a faith journey expressed in service to God’s people, a deepening of prayer life and mutual support. Such companions, known as CSJ Associates, are friends, co-ministers, and cherished members of our faith community wherever the Sisters live and work. Associates extend the mission of the CSJs into their workplaces, families and friendships.

Christian Family Movement

Making a Difference… One Family at a Time!

The Christian Family Movement (CFM) at St. Lawrence Martyr Parish is an organization of families growing together and helping each other recharge Christian family values. CFM has touched the lives of a great many of our parishioners over the years, fostered lifelong friendships and a mutual support system for the families here, and it’s fun! CFM activities consist of monthly small group adult meetings, large group family events and many opportunities for social outreach.

The Christian Family Movement is a national network of parish/neighborhood small groups of families which has been going strong for over 50 years. The SLM chapter is one of the largest in the U.S.

Each year we divide our membership into smaller groups of 10-15 families. Separate groups exist for first time members. Each group has a leader who facilitates meetings and activities. Groups are formed in September and meet through June.

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Moms in Prayer International 

Moms in Touch is an international prayer ministry that began in 1984 by one mom who felt called to pray with other moms for their children and schools. She created a format using scripture that was very simple for busy mothers. Moms in Touch is two or more mothers who meet for one hour a week to release God’s power on their children and schools through prayer. We invite mothers, grandmothers, or any woman who is willing to pray for one hour a week to join and see how prayer can make a difference in the lives of our children.  We meet in the St. Theresa Room in the hall at 8:00am Mondays during the school year.   Please bring a bible with you.   We do not meet on holidays.  Hope to see you there! 

Perpetual Adoration

The Adoration Chapel is available at all times, day and night, for those wishing to spend time in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. In order to provide this opportunity , we need scheduled adorers on whom we can count to be there, particularly through the night. Are you willing to commit yourself to one hour of adoration, or as a substitute adorer? Please contact the Pastoral Center at (310) 540-0329 to sign up

Small Communities of Faith

Small Communities of Faith or SCF are small communities typically of 8-12 members who meet on a regular schedule, determined by the needs of the group. Some meet weekly, others biweekly, and still others monthly. Some groups may meet year-round, others during the school year while others may choose to come together for four to six-week sessions in the Advent/Christmas season and during the Lenten/Easter season.
 Each SCF forms based on schedule and interests. Some may consist of a mixed group of members, others may be moms of young children, others empty nesters, others married couples, and others may consist of 6 or so families who come together to form a small community.
  In Summary, Small Communities of Faith are:
§         Intentional. The members of each SCF gather for a defined purpose and mission. Not just a social group.
§         Invitational. Within the network, there is a place for all who come and members are respected.
§         Inclusive. Recognizing the diverse charisms within the Catholic community, the network embraces all who gather to bear authentic witness to Christ and His Church.
§         Inspirational. Each SCF is not an end unto itself but inspires each member to live out the mission of Christ in the world. This missionary spirit manifests itself in both the individual and collective actions of the Small Community of Faith.