Parish Council


The St. Lawrence Parish Pastoral Council, as representatives of the community at large, exists for the purpose of articulating and implementing the mission of St. Lawrence Martyr Parish. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and gives counsel, advice and support.

The members of the Council are as follows:

Caterina Clarke

Council  co-moderator

Msgr. Paul Dotson

Pastor/ Ex officio member

Tony Orfila

Council moderator

Fr. Leszek Semik

Associate/Ex officio member

Robin Lomas

Council Secretary

Deacon Jim Egnatuk

Deacon/Ex officio member

Denise Geltz

Council Secretary

Deacon Dale Sheckler

Deacon/ Ex officio member

Richard Mayette


Martin Clement 

Deacon/ Ex officio member

Ed Camacho




Don Burt




Tom Cody




Spencer Higgins




Doug Ness




Gloria Bazis








Parish Mission Statement

St. Lawrence Martyr is a Roman Catholic community located in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California. The Word of God empowers us, the Eucharist nourishes and transforms us, and the Holy Spirit emboldens us. We accept the call of Jesus Christ to love and serve one another.

We will:

Participate fully and actively with one another in prayer and Liturgy, going forth to witness to its spirit in our daily lives.

Foster and preserve a community where all are invited, welcomed, loved and appreciated.

Challenge ourselves constantly to see Christ within and among us.

Educate ourselves in the Scriptures and the Tradition of the Catholic Church, thereby developing the tools to share our faith.

Serve people in need, bring about justice where there is inequity, defend human dignity, and promote peace.

Recognize that parish leadership is the responsibility of the entire community and encourage members to answer that call.

The Parish Pastoral Council serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor and gives counsel and advice on:

A. Unifying the parish community by promoting communication and understanding;

B. Analyzing and prioritizing future needs and vision of St. Lawrence Martyr parish in light of the Gospel and church tradition;

C. Energizing the St. Lawrence Martyr community by encouraging leadership, inviting council members to participate in ministry, involving the laity in parish life, and in witnessing faith;

D. Building and renewing the Council’s faith dimensions by providing opportunities for councilors to deepen their relationship with Christ, both as individuals and as a community;

E. Listening to the Lord, to parishioners, and to the neighboring community as to what is happening in the Church and in the world, discerning the will of the Lord, using the wisdom of the Spirit of establish, to prioritize, to plan and to reach consensus.

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