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New Liturgical Ministers are Needed:
New Eucharistic Ministers to the Altar formation/training 
is available at SLM
Monday, October 26, 2015 ant Tuesday, October 27, 2015
7pm SLM Pastoral Center
Mandatory to attend both classes.
New Altar Server Formation/Training is available for anyone in 5th grade & up
Monday, October 26th through Thursday, October 29th 3:30-5pm
To sign up or ask questions – please contact:
Eve Moir SLM Office for Worship 310.316.0090








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“The Way To Become Catholic”… for Adults, Teens, and Children. It is our greatest joy as well as our mission to continually welcome new members to our church. RCIA is an open-ended process of spiritual formation and education. This ministry is for those interested in learning about and personally experiencing the Catholic faith tradition. Individuals who are not baptized, those baptized in other Christian religions, and baptized Catholics who never received the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation are welcome to begin our ongoing RCIA Inquiry sessions when they are ready.

A person may begin at any time of the year with no commitment and no obligation. After adequate preparation, and when the Inquirer believes he or she is called to follow the way of Jesus in the Roman Catholic Church, the Inquirer will seek full initiation. At this stage, the RCIA process becomes a faith journey that encourages individuals to broaden and deepen their prayer life, to know God through the scriptures and our Catholic faith traditions, and to actively participate in parish and community activities. We encourage and invite all who may be interested to “come and see” what living life as a committed Catholic Christian can mean for you.

Click below to see the RCIA inquiry schedule that best describes you or your child.


June -October 2015 Inquiry Schedule


Teen RCIA Schedule

Children's RCIA Schedule 
Contact Diane Kaiser in the Pastoral Center  for further information 310-316-0329 X 241 or email her at