Growing in Our Faith

Faith is always an important part of life, especially through the pre-teen and teenage years as they transition into middle school. The Bridge’s goal is to help kids transition from elementary school to middle school with their faith. We want them to recognize that God is with them and for them and to help nurture a strong relationship with God. We offer both large and small group programs which include prayer, service projects, games, music, fellowship, etc. all while learning about our amazing Catholic faith.

Growing in Our Faith Together

The Bridge started with a core group of parents and grew into a team.  It was built on the belief that our children need more; there can’t be a gap between elementary school and high school. Middle school is a crucial time in teenage lives and the transition of their faith. In this packet you will find resources so you too can grow in your faith because as much as this is a program for your children, it is a resource for you. We often get asked why parents are encouraged to attend and it is because they are the most influential example of faith to their children.  It’s not as much about what you say as it is about what YOU do, that will impact your children.

As Saint Francis tells us, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.”

The Bridge Committee Members

Kris Holubets, Debbie Edmonds, Ann Harder, Morgan Holubets