Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus group within our parish has taken on Columbus inspiration to call forth our own courage, to follow our dreams for a better community, and to see how we can contribute to the people within it. Through fundraising efforts the Knights help support the vocations of seminarians, the homeless and hungry, and several youth projects in the South Bay. Read More…

For more information, contact Dan Thomas at 310-753-5552 or by email.

School of Religious Education

The purpose of the Religious Education Program is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We believe that “the task of imparting education belongs primarily to the family, and that it is in the Christian family… that children should be taught to know and worship God and to love their neighbor.” Read more…

For more information, contact Caterina Krai or Kacie Riordan at 310-540-0329 X 261

Coffee and Donuts after Mass

Volunteer teams from our various parish groups serve coffee, tea, punch, fresh donuts and bagels after the 7:00 and 9:00am Sunday Masses. Everyone is welcome in the hall where our parish family enjoys an atmosphere of friendship, community, and belonging. Come join us soon!

For more information, call the office at (310) 540-0329


The ministry of the reader of the Word has the effect of nurturing the faith of our celebrating community.

It is a priority in our parish to provide a program of formation, practice and critique for men and women who feel called to this ministry.

For more information, contact Eve Moir at 310-316-0090.

Cookie Ministry

Baking is one very special way to enjoy helping out the church. Our bakers provide cookies (and other baked goods) for regular meetings, church celebrations and outreach programs which are supported by our Parish. Volunteers are welcome to bake as often as their schedule permits.

For more information, contact Alyce Caro at 310-540-0329 x376 or by email.