Welcome to the Confirmation Program at St. Lawrence Martyr.

Receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation as a High School teenager is a two year process. The goal of our program is for every teen to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.  Classes, occurring twice a month, emphasize personally encountering Jesus all the while illustrating the truth, goodness, and beauty of our Catholic Faith and Tradition. One teen may feel the peace of God in the silence of prayer and Eucharistic adoration. Another teen may experience God through wisdom that illuminates how to handle stress. While yet another will feel the Joy of God through the friendships developed.  Candidates become agents of goodness and positivity by completing several Christian service projects each year.  Teens also experience at least 4 opportunities to intently develop their spirituality and faith through the weekend retreats and diocesan events. A truly life-giving journey, we hope that you choose St. Lawrence Martyr to prepare your teen for the Sacrament of Confirmation.


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Registration for both years of HIGH SCHOOL CONFIRMATION is NOW CLOSED


If you are interested in signing up for confirmation contact the office of youth ministry for more details.

In order to prepare  to receive the sacrament of confirmation, candidates must complete the following each of the two years they are in the program

  • Attend  Bimonthly Classes
  • Attend mass the Sundays  which we have classes
  • Attend a Diocesan Level Event
  • Attend a Weekend Retreat
  • Complete a Service Project focused on the Homeless
  • Complete a Service Project focused on the Parish Community
  • Complete a Service Project focused on the Greater Community
  • Complete any of the aforementioned  projects with either their parent or sponsor

All Candidates must also select a Sponsor ( fully initiated and practicing catholic, 18 or older) that will support them in this journey as well as attend several classes alongside the candidate. They must also select a patron saint for their sacrament.

For calendars, please visit our forms and documents tab.

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Confirmation Year 2 Forms & Documents

The following documents pertain only to  2nd year of the 2019 confirmation cohort.

The Sponsor Form & Saint Form are available to submit as an online form. Click the button above to access the online form. Click the links below to access the paper forms

Year 2 (HSC19-II)Sponsor Form (due 11.18.18)

Year 2 (HSC19-II) Saint Form (due 3.31.19)

The Teen & Sponsor Questionnaire must be filled out and submitted physically.

Year 2 (HSC19-II) Teen& Sponsor Questionnaire (due 2.24.19)

Confirmation Year 1 Forms

The following documents pertain only to  1st year of the 2020 confirmation cohort.

Year 1 (HSC20-I) Sponsor Worksheet (Due 12.9.18)

You can submit the preceding form online by click the button above to access the online form

Looking for a form that’s not here? Send Chris Patao an email at chris.patao@sltm.org

Submit the Sponsor Form and/ or Saint Form Online! Click the button Below

Looking to sign-up for a Diocesan event or Service Project? Click on the bluebutton below to access our form.

Looking for a form that’s not here? Send Chris Patao an email at chris.patao@sltm.org

To make a payment online for any of our Confirmation Program events  click the following link: Faith Direct Payments

Confirmation Registration fees: 

Year 1 = $150

Year 2 = $150

2018-2019 Event fees: 

Retreat 2018-2019 = $150

Inspiration LA at Six Flags = $75

Youth Day LA = $60

If you have any questions regarding payment of any of the fees, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: youthministry@stlm.org or by phone 310.540.0329 ext. 251

So you’ve received the sacrament of confirmation, what’s next?


Easy! Join the fun and get involved. Head on over to our youth ministry website for more information by click the link below.

Youth Ministry

For adults looking to receive the sacrament of confirmation,the preparation process is completed through Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA).  More Information – Go here

For more information, please contact Caterina Krai

Email :Caterina Krai

Phone number : (310) 316-0191

Email Address : youthministry@stlm.org

Phone Number: 310.316.0466

Christopher Patao

Youth Minister & Confirmation Coordinator

Katy Dagampat

Associate Youth Minister