• Check-in Begins at 7:15 AM
  • Send teens with money for a lunch and dinner. A meal is about $15
  • We will communicate primarily to text. If participants aren’t receiving texts, parents must make sure to forward it to them.
  • Participants will be given a group shirt to wear upon check-in. Parents, make sure bottoms are appropriate for mass.




Dear Participant (or Parent of Participant),

We are so stoked that you will be joining us for this exciting day of roller coasters and faith. As you get ready for Inspiration LA 2018 at Six Flags Magic Mountain, here’s some information on how to get the most out of the day.

Date of event:

Saturday, 11/3/2018 from 7:15am-11pm.

Check-in Process:

Check in will begin Saturday 11/3 at 7:15am at the front of the church. Parents must accompany teen as they check-in. We will promptly board the bus at 8AM.


As of 10/30, it is forecast to be mostly sunny w/ a  High of 88 and a Low of 57.

Dress Code:

Upon checking in, each participant will be given a group shirt that they must change in to. This helps us know and identify members of our group while in the park.  All those deciding to wear shorts must make sure that they are the appropriate length– Celebrating the Holy Mass is a part of this event, and it is important to dress as appropriately as possible. We can’t wear our Sunday’s best, but we can get close!   We also suggest that each participant brings along a light jacket or sweater as it becomes cold quickly after sunset. Finally, please wear comfortable closed toe shoes.


After checking in, you will receive a boarding number, this will assign you to a specific bus. All students will be asked to form groups of at least 10. If you don’t have a group, we will assign you to a group. Throughout the day teens will have to check-in with their assigned leader.  Check in at 12 & 2 in front of Big Belly Burger. Check-in at 4:30pm at Golden Bear Theater for the remainder of the evening.


We will be providing a breakfast burrito for each teen to eat while we are on our way there.  Outside food may only be brought into the park if participants have special dietary needs.  A meal is about $15. Snack foods (pretzels, churros, etc) are available for purchase for around $4 – $7. Please take this into consideration as you plan for the event.


We will be sending reminders regarding our trip via Text Messages. If you need to reach either Chris or Katy by phone, please call 310.416.0466 .


See you This Saturday!


Office of Youth Minsitry


Saturday’s Group Shirt