“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28

We, as Catholic Christians, are called by Jesus Christ to reach out to and help others.  The Pastoral Care Ministries of St. Lawrence Martyr answer this call with the services that are provided to our community members who have become sick, who have suffered a loss, who are facing hardships.  Our Ministers offer spiritual comfort and practical help and referrals to those needing care and to their caregivers and loved ones.

Because of privacy laws, St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Community is not notified if a parishioner is hospitalized, homebound, or enters a healthcare facility.  We must hear from the parishioner, family member, or friend if someone wishes the support of our Pastoral Care Team.  You may call the pastoral center at 310-540-0329 or e-mail us.

EMs to the Sick

Our Eucharistic Ministers bring the Eucharist to anyone who is sick or confined at home. They also bring the Eucharist each week to patients of local hospitals and convalescent facilities. Just an hour or two during the week or on the weekend would be your gift of time. Special training is provided.  Please contact (310) 540-0329 X 355


When a family experiences the death of a loved one, our Bereavement Ministry is there to represent our community by reaching out and offering support. Our team members assist in a variety of ways to help coordinate arrangements and plan for the Funeral or Memorial service.

  • A Bereavement Coordinator meets with the family to discuss and plan the service, including the selection of Scripture readings to be used, and will be in attendance on the day to help the family feel more comfortable.
  • Bereavement Ministers of Hospitality attend the day of the service and act as Ushers/Greeters, a welcoming extension of our community.
  • The Music Director meets with the family to offer musical options, help select musicians and choose the appropriate music for the service. Our Resurrection Choir is also available upon request to help encourage congregational singing at the service.

We also offer assistance for receptions held at our SLM site. These ministers of hospitality, called Arimatheans, help with hosting, set up and clean up of receptions.
Please call the Bereavement Office at 310-540-0329 x274 for more information.

Grief Support (Spouse)

This is a group who extends it’s arms to those who are experiencing the loss of a spouse. We are hear to listen and comfort. If you have any questions, please contact Vivian Lee at 310-373-0597.

Stephen Ministry

Visit the Stephen Ministry website

What is the Stephen Ministry?

The Stephen Ministry was founded in 1974 by Kenneth C. Haugk, a clinical psychologist and pastor of St. Stephens’ Lutheran Church in St. Louis, MO.  St. Lawrence is one of more than 9,000 congregations from over 120 Christian denominations that have a Stephen Ministry. Over 300,000 Stephen ministers have been trained, ministering to well over one million people throughout the world.

What is a Stephen Minister?

A Stephen Minister is a caring, Christian friend who listens, prays, supports and offers faith-based, confidential care for those who are hospitalized, terminally ill, bereaved, in a job crisis, or suffer any one of the many life struggles of our time. Stephen Ministers do not take the place of priests, nor do they find solutions to these problems. Ministers are not counselors, but trained caregivers. Their role is to listen and to care, not to counsel or advise. They are trained to make professional referrals when a caregiver’s needs go beyond the scope of their ministry.  Our ministers have over 50 hours of training and participate in continuing education programs throughout their service.

How does Stephen Ministry work?

If you are in need of care, simply call the Stephen Ministry main phone line.  One of the Ministers will talk with you and, with permission assign a Stephen Minister. The Minister will contact you and schedule a time to meet. The rest is up to you. It is very important to understand that this care is strictly confidential. Those receiving care can be sure that their identity and what goes on in the caring relationship will remain private.

The Stephen Ministry is a great way for our parish to reach in and reach out to more and more hurting people through our team of well-equipped, well-supervised lay caregivers.

Everyone goes through difficult times.  Having someone to care, to listen, to share God’s love with you can help you get through the confusion, stress, or loneliness you may be experiencing.

If your life is more than you can handle alone right now; if your health, attitude, or relationships are suffering; if you are adjusting to the loss of a job, a change in marital status, a serious illness, the death of a loved one, or would just like to have someone in your life who really cares, then perhaps it is time for you to call the Stephen Ministry. Our Stephen Ministers look forward to the opportunity to carry out our Parish Mission Statement by accepting the call of Jesus Christ to love and serve one another.

Confidential Stephen Ministry Message Line: 310-540-0329 x540

 Post Abortion Services

We are women and men, daughters, sisters, parents, grandparents. We are people of love and people of hope. We have experienced loss and have emerged stronger than we were before. We see a deep brokenness in people we meet and long to help them. We see the isolation so many feel and want to reach out. If you let us, we’d like to be by your side as you journey from where you are now to a new place of forgiveness and peace.

Many of us are motivated by faith. Some simply want to share the peace that they have found. We are committed to the journey without judgment. At the end, we hope you will come to know that you are created out of love and for love. That abortion does not define you. That you can make peace with your decisions and build a life deserving of the amazing person you are. We are committed to the journey. We will stay by your side.  www.byyoursidela.org