July 29th – August 2nd  |  9am – 12:15pm
For students in grades K-5
Registration: $55 per child until June 15th. After this, $60 per child

Join us this summer for another fun-filled week of Vacation Bible School!
Head out for an African Safari adventure while we learn about our wonderful Catholic faith through games, sp
orts and crafts!

2019 VBS Registration

This is the VBS enrollment form for students in grades K-5. If you have children in jr. high & above who would like to be leaders, please see the other form on this page.
  • Student Information

    Please specify the grade your child(ren) is going into this coming fall. Student MUST be entering Kindergarten by September of 2019. You may enter in all children on one form.
  • Parent/Guardian Information

  • Medical Information

  • If your child has any allergies/medical conditions, please list them below. If you have more than one child, please specify which child has what allergy/condition. Include if they need an Epi Pen. If none, please write "none."
  • Ex) Dr. Smith, (123) 456-7890
  • Emergency Contact Person(s) other than parents/guardians

    Please list at least 1 person in case of emergency & include a phone number.
  • Please specify their name(s) and phone number(s).
  • Authorized Pick-Ups

    Please list those authorized to pick your child(ren) up from VBS (other than parents/guardians).
  • Ex) Kacie Riordan, (123) 456-7890
  • Ex) Caterina Krai, (123) 456-7890
  • Photo Authorization

  • Please write your full name in the empty space
    Check the box below if you do NOT give permission.