St. Lawrence Martyr Parish has a variety of Volunteer Opportunities available for those interested in serving the church, the parish and the surrounding communities. For more information on any volunteer or ministry opportunity, feel free to contact the parish office at 310-540-0329.

We look forward to welcoming your services.

Current Needs of Ministers and Volunteers are:

Eucharistic Ministers: If you would like to know more about serving the church by becoming a Eucharistic Minister, to assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ during the Mass, please contact Eve Moir at the Office for Worship at 310-540-0329.

Religious Education Catechist:
We are looking for Catholic men and women who have a desire and passion to teach our faith to our children.  Please contact Susan Mills at (310) 316-4460

Cookie Ministry: Bakers are always need to help with this ministry. Please contact Alyce Caro if you would like to lend a hand.

Christian Service Outreach/ Food Pantry Volunteer Opportunity: The food pantry outreach program is in need of volunteers to check the stock of the food pantry and then go grocery shopping to fill items needed for the weekend distribution of food. You can go anytime during the week and check on the food pantry. A once a month commitment is what is desired.

Volunteers are needed: Saturdays from 7:30 am – 10:00 am.

First Sunday of the month – 8:00 am – noon.

Weekdays to help restock pantry, prepare grocery bags for weekend distribution, sort clothing and other donations, and pick up perishable donations from local grocery stores.

The food pantry provides local needy families with bags of groceries and homeless people with sack lunches. They also take clean used clothes to local shelters for the needy.  The following items are needed for the pantry

Canned chili, Spaghetti – or any type of pasta, Pasta Sauce, Peanut Butter, Tuna, Canned Vegetables, Canned fruit, Mac N Cheese, Soup, Bags of rice

Cereal – healthy choices please

Keep in mind that bags of food are made for families. We don’t need huge cans of food – just a lot of cans.   14 oz cans are perfect size.  1 lb. boxes of pasta are also welcome.

Contact the food pantry ministry at  Call (310) 540-0329 X 385.

Get on the Bus – An annual trip to unite children with their incarcerated mothers and fathers

When – Annually in the spring

Needed – comfort blankets – fleece type

Small comfort toys – stuffed animals


Contact – Val Menker at the pastoral center (310) 540-0329 X 230


FAITH Ministry – The SLM F.A.I.T.H. (Freedom and Intervention for the Trafficking of Humans)

This ministry helps victims of human trafficking. Personal Hygiene kits, backpacks and comfort items are needed

When – Ongoing

Contact – FAITH Ministry at (310) 540-0329 X 380

Lunches for the homeless

This ministry provides a sack lunch for the homeless. Please make pack lunches in plastic grocery store bags and tie them shut

General note – ideally everything is single serving item, no refrigeration, easy to open, and not easily crushed (eg no chips)

1 protein (pop top or single serving package tuna, Vienna sausages etc)

1 pkg crackers

1 granola bar/protein bar

1 fruit (apple sauce, fruit cup)

1 drink (bottle water or juice box)

Plastic fork/spoon/napkin (utensil packs from takeout are perfect)

When – Ongoing

Contact – the pastoral center (310) 540-0329


Undie Sunday

Collection of new socks, undershirts and underwear for the homeless.

Needed – New un-opened bags of underwear, socks and undershirts

When – August

Contact Deacon Jim (310) 540-0329 X 276